Crescina HFSC 100% is a cosmetic treatment for topical use available in the Re-Growth formulation.

The basic formulation of Crescina Re-Growth combines two amino acids cysteine and lyceine which are basic components of hair keratin and is protected by a total of 9 Swiss Patents.

Re-Growth vials are in a single box in dosages of 200, 500 and 1300.Each vial contains 3.5 ml of the preparation and should be used every day for 5 consecutive days followed by a break of two days.

A box contains 20 vials and is meant for a 1-month treatment (that can be repeated several times a year).

A minimum treatment of 2 months is recommended. Dosages are available in Boxes of 10 and 20 vials.




This treatment combines both formulations in one pack. Crescina Re-Growth HFSC (amber vial) contains the patented core of Crescina Re-Growth (Cysteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein), which promotes physiological hair growth.

Crescina Anti-Hair Loss HSSC – Enhanced Formula (transparent vial) blends the basic active ingredients with the HSSC complex, which helps prevent and hinder  physiological, non-pathological, causes of hair loss.

Available dosages:
200 – 500 – 1300, in boxes of 10+10 vials.



The formulation is the ideal cleansing complement to Crescina HFSC topical treatments in vials.

The new Shampoo enables one to clean and  prepare the scalp for Crescina Re-Growth application in vials and, contemporaneously provides the hair with all active substances contained in the formulation for topical use: the core of Crescina and the Stem-Engine complex.

Available dosages:
200, 500, 1300


Labo Dandruff Shampoo for men with 3 hyaluronic acids. Protects hair and scalp from dandruff without aggressively acting on the skin. Pyroctonic olamine and salicylic acid prevent dandruff. The shampoo perfectly cleanses and relieves dandruff-induced itching, while keeping the scalp clean and healthy. Contains 3 different molecular mass hyaluronic acids that restructure and replenish hair fibers. It has a separate special formula from women dandruff shampoo.